Grupo Bimetica | Policy on the use of Trademaks and Domains
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Policy on the use of Trademaks and Domains

Policy on the use of Trademaks and Domains – Bimetica Group 25/02/2019


Grupo Bimetica is made up of two companies:

The address of Bimetica Parametric Design Services, S.L., is Villarroel street nº 11, bajo 1, Postal Code 43820, Calafell, Tarragona, Spain, CIF B-65592925; registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, Spain.


The address of BIMCopyright Legal & Business Consulting, S.L., is Villarroel street nº 11, bajo 1, Postal Code 43820, Calafell, Tarragona, Spain, CIF B-67069013; registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, Spain.

Both companies are legitimate owners of the brands and web domains constituting one of our main assets within the Bimetica Group

Brands and Domains of the group are those that are detailed below:




Grupo Bimetica®



















This policy of use of the brand and domains establishes the conditions under which the Bimetica Group allows and regulates the use of its brand and domains through third parties.

By respecting this brand and domain policy, you as a representative of your company, organization, or as a self-employed professional, contribute to maintain clear and unified parameters with the Bimetica Group, and respect its brands and domains as assets, especially in the context of the relationship between collaborator or client.

We appreciate your cooperation, with the certainty that it will be in benefit to both parties.

This document is intended to disclose the brand and domain policy of the Bimetica Group, but it also has a contractual nature and, therefore, is considered part of the contractual relationship between you, your organization and the Bimetica Group.


Value of the brands and domains:

The brands (including their use as a trade name or a corporate name) and domains are an asset for the Bimetica Group and important to distinguish and differentiate our offer of value, products, and services in the national and international market.

These values must be respected, both in the joint development with collaborators and customers, as well as by third-party operators who want to mention our brand or use of domains.


Who can use the brands and domains?

The brands and domains of the Bimetica Group can be used by our collaborators, allies, customers and suppliers, with prior authorization from the Bimetica Group Management.


How to request authorization for use

In order to request the use of a brand or domain, you must contact through e-mail address communicating the object of use of the brand and / or domains. The Administration will issue a document that can expressly grant or deny said request.

In case of granting the use of the brand and / or domain, the administration will provide a document with the authorization, the files of the trademarks and domain data. This document will constitute a contract between the parties. In case the use is not granted, the applicant must refrain from making any use of the trademark and domain.

In the authorization document, a style manual will be provided for the use of the brand, which must be respected in its rightful application.

As a general rule, the brand can not be used, under any circumstance, without express authorization by the management of the Bimetica Group.


Cessation of use of the trademark and domain

Third parties will cease to use the trademarks (including their use as commercial name or corporate name) and / or domains of the Bimetica Group, when the reputation of the Bimetica Group may be put at risk.

Any malicious, false, incomplete, or misleading, sexist, pornographic, religious, political or similar manifestation that accompanies the use of the brand or domain by third parties, will be grounds for automatic cessation of use.


Protection of the brand

Grupo Bimetica will carry out the necessary judicial and extrajudicial actions to safeguard and contribute to the value of the brands and domains, seeking the effective protection of the Copyrights and branding all over the world and in all the areas in which the Group Bimetica is present or intends to be present, including, in particular, graphic communication media, on the Internet and on social networks.

For the correct use and interpretation of this Policy of Use of Brand and Domain, it must be combined with our Legal Notice.