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BIMETICA Group’s figures

01/01/2012 a 31/12/2019.

BIM Developments

Global Positioning of the Bimetica Group


Countries with online presence0


BIM Users

  • Arquitectura 49%

  • Ingeniería 22%

  • Constructoras 17%

  • Consultoras 7%

  • Otros 5%

BIM Developments

  • Informes 120

  • Consultoría 530

  • Proyectos BIM 112

BIM Developments


File downloads0

Created BIM Objects0

Product visualisation0




News & Articles0

Linkedin 38700
Facebook 35731
Twitter 14548


Global Social Media


  • LinkedIn 38%

  • Facebook 35%

  • Twitter 14%

  • Instagram 5%

  • Youtube 4%

Instagram 4693
Youtube 3673

The Group’s brands

Countries with representation.


About us.

Grupo Bimetica is one of the largest worldwide companies offering global solutions in the design and construction environment based on BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology and its associated technologies. We have a portfolio of 530 clients around the world; Our services and contents are consumed in more than 140 countries by more than 350,000 industry professionals.

We currently have 10 brands that offer specialized services to each sector of the market: Bimetica, Bimchannnel, BIMsupport, Paraproy, BIMCopyright, BIMLegal, NetworkingBIM, BIMGym, FabricantesBIM and SeguridadWebSite.

We were born in 2011 and in just a few years we have reached our proposed goals and have achieved worldwide recognition and leadership. These objectives have been achieved thanks to a team committed to quality, constant effort and the trust placed by our clients.

We believe that in order to provide a good service and create value in an environment of digitalisation, we must be a disruptive company that flees from the conventional; our clients being at the center of our principal interest. More than clients, they are our partners and we are interested in helping them reach their planted objectives.


Our vocation for quality and innovation requires us to have an attitude of constant growth.

We are a consolidated company in the national and international market. We seek to share this growth with investors interested in the construction industry and in our philosophy.

We make available to the investor our reports and figures of growth that guarantee our trajectory.

It is time to invest in the digital environment of BIM and building technologies.

We´d like to count on you.

Contact us!


To have a traveling companion that brings confidence, transparency and quality is key to achieving the goals.

In these years of work, Grupo Bimetica has had the opportunity to share experiences and successes with more than 100 companies, entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

If you think we can interact and share business ideas, provide solutions to the market, create value or set a common strategy; Get in contact with us.

We believe in collaborative projects. Contact us!

Contact us!
Partners & Collaborators